Shadya Sanders’ Experience with NCAS-M Academic Support

Shadya Sanders

Each day our administrators, staff and affiliate faculty work hard to diversify research produced in STEM fields. A key way to do this is to ensure our NCAS-M Fellows come from different backgrounds, which helps us explore atmospheric sciences through different lens.

Shadya Sanders is a wonderful example. She is a doctoral candidate under the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences.

Her connection to NCAS-M came from the former director Everrett Joseph, PhD. He invited her to attend the annual “Color of Weather” event hosted by NCAS-M. Shadya has always had a passion for broadcast meteorology, but also wanted to do research. She learned that NCAS-M offers funding and she wouldn’t have to settle on one specific field.

“I could still get an atmospheric sciences degree, but I would be still be partnered with sociologist and communication specialists. I would get that additional exposure,” she said. Shadya then began to pursue a master’s in Atmospheric Sciences with interdisciplinary studies in Communications and Sociology.

The NCAS-M education team has diverse representation, too. To support her areas of research, she was paired with a team advisors, including Terri Adams – Fuller, PhD, Everette Joseph, PhD and Carolyn Stroman, PhD. Since being a part of the program, Shadya has presented her research at several conferences, such as Howard University Research Week and the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.

She attributes her success to her hard work and dedication, but also to the continuous support of her advisors, peers and mother, a Howard University alumna. Everyone saw her vision and was persistent in helping to push her reach to her goals. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences at Howard University.

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