NOAA Mentors

NOAA mentors play a crucial role in the success of undergrad and graduate students. At NCAS-M, we hear this message frequently from students. While styles of advising and mentoring vary across the research topics and by personal inclination, the fundamentals apply throughout NCAS-M research and training.  NCAS-M students and NOAA mentors share responsibility for ensuring productive and rewarding mentoring relationships. Both parties have a role to play in the success of mentoring.

Mentoring benefits students because:

• It supports their advancement in research activity, conference presentations, publication, and writing skill.

• Students are less likely to feel ambushed by potential bumps in the road, having been alerted to them, and provided resources for dealing with stressful or difficult periods in their graduate careers.

• The experiences and networks their NOAA mentors help them to accrue may improve the students’ prospects of securing a professional placement with NOAA.

• The knowledge that someone is committed to their progress, someone who can give them solid advice and be their advocate, can help to lower stress and build confidence.

• Constructive interaction with an NOAA mentor and participation in collective activities he or she arranges promote engagement in the field.

It also rewards NOAA mentors in an abundance of ways:

• You can be on student’s thesis/dissertation committee member.

• If time permits, you could offer courses at Howard University.

• Your students will keep you abreast of new knowledge and techniques, and apprise you of promising avenues for research.

• A mentor’s reputation rests in part on the work of his or her former students; sending successful new scholars into NOAA mission enterprise.

• Your networks are enriched. Helping students make the professional and personal connections they need to succeed will greatly extend your own circle of colleagues.

• It is personally satisfying. Seeing your students succeed can be as rewarding as a major publication or significant grant.  

We are continuously looking for NOAA colleagues to join NCAS-M II as a mentor. NCAS-M II is always happy to discuss potential collaborative research projects for our students and faculty participants. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please let us know. We appreciate your commitment to the profession and your engagement in the rewarding work of mentoring NCAS-M students.

NOAA Personnel who Participated in NCAS-M Activities (2016-2022)