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The EPP/MSI is a Federal STEM education and NOAA mission future workforce program with focus on:

Supporting the training and graduation of students and increasing participation of students from traditionally underrepresented minority communities;

Developing eligible candidates in support of a diverse future workforce for NOAA and NOAA mission-related enterprises; and,

Post-secondary education and research capacity development in atmospheric, fisheries, and environmental sciences and remote sensing technology at MSIs supported through competitive awards.

NCAS-M, is the CSC aligned primarily with the NWS.

Center-Wide Training

NCAS-M will conduct center-wide professional skills development workshops (virtual and face-to-face) during the academic year and summer that will focus on career/professional skill development.

Experiential Training Summer Program for Rising Sophomores (ETSP)

The Experiential Training Summer Program provides a rising sophomore with summer experiential training in NOAA mission-relevant research and training at a NCAS-M institution.

Postdoctoral Development Program

The goal of the NCAS-M Postdoctoral Program (PDP) is to support advanced training of postdoctoral fellows in NOAA-related sciences with the goal to conduct research that directly supports NOAA’s mission, strategic plan, objectives, and outcomes.

Individual Student Development Plan (SDP)

All NCAS-M fellows are required to complete an Individualized Student Development Plan (SDP).