Highlighting the NCAS-M Team: Jo-Anne Manswell Butty

Meet Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, PhD. Jo-Anne is the Education Expert at NCAS-M. She is also a three time Howard University Alumna. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology.

She is another member of the NCAS-M team that works hard to ensure every student’s professional development and success.

Jo-Anne has worked in education for many years. She first began working on a research project that evaluated preschool programs in the District of Columbia, located in the NCAS-M building. Coincidentally, Jo-Anne’s next position was working three doors down from her old office with NCAS-M. Although Jo-Anne’s area of expertise is education, Jo-Anne says “I am passionate about students doing well.” She has always has a love for education, no matter the area of study.

Her role is to analyze the educational structure at NCAS-M and develop, conceptualize and implement it. This happens across 13 NCAS-M institutions, with Howard University being the lead.

Jo-Anne works behind the scenes to ensure every student is meeting all of the requirements and taking advantage of life changing opportunities. She meets with the students, their NOAA mentors and their advisors to ensure students stay on track to complete the program. One requirement for all graduate students is completing a NOAA Experiential Research and Training Opportunity. This research opportunity lasts 12 weeks, and it happens at a NOAA facility with a student’s NOAA mentor. The planning process for these opportunities start early to maximize the students’ experiences.

We urge and require our students to hands-on in trainings and research opportunities to ensure their professional development and success. Jo-Anne, along with the NCAS-M team, are determined and passionate about producing the scientific leaders of the future.

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Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, PhD