NWS Meteorologist Opportunities

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service (NWS) announced two (2) vacant GS-7/9/11/12 Meteorologist positions at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC).

Meteorologist Duties:

  • Gather meteorological data in order to provide meteorological forecast support, continuously analyze and reassess forecast information, and conduct research studies along with applying complex algorithms to evaluate and interpret such data.
  • Develop material for planning, training, or evaluating emergency response to provide a basis and improve overall Impact Based Decision Support, provide warnings and advisories for upcoming hazards, while also tailoring products to address specific events to provide information to make appropriate decisions during major climatological events.
  • Work closely as a team to gather, improve, and optimize weather prediction center functions for assigned service area while providing concise and easy to comprehend reports or information as accurate and timely as possible to ensure all stakeholders can plan appropriately.

The announcements (ST & DE) close on September 11, 2023.