Vitaly Kholodovsky


Vitaly Kholodovsky is earning a PhD in the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at University of Maryland, College Park and is a Cohort- 2 NCAS-M Fellow.  I am interested in the NCAS-M focus area Process-level Understanding and Enhanced Modeling Capabilities in support of the NCAS-M theme: Interdisciplinary scientific research for building resilient communities against weather extremes.  My recent research experience involves utilizing spatio-temporal threshold algorithm for selecting extreme patterns in collaboration with Thomas R. Knutson, NOAA/GFDL.

He originally came to United States from Ukraine. Vitaly received the Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Dnepropetrovsk University, Ukraine.  He earned the Master of Business Administration degree from St. John’s University in New York; and the Master of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.