Tierra Ellis, PhD


Tierra Therese Ellis earned her PhD in the department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies (HPDES) at Howard University and was a Cohort – 1 NCAS-M Fellow. She was interested in the NCAS-M focus area – Integrated Social Science – in support of the NCAS-M theme 3: Interdisciplinary research in support of building healthy communities. Her recent research experience involved broadening participation in STEM for underrepresented minority groups, which she conducted and analyzed research alongside Dr. JoAnne Manswell Butty. She also participated in a roundtable discussed to present this research with Dr. Butty and Ms. Kadidia Thiero at the Third International Conference for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) in April 2016. Dr. Ellis’ dissertation also focused on pipelining minority students as early as high school through college readiness courses in preparation for the STEM workforce: A Strengths-Based Approach for Exploring the Psychosocial Factors that Contribute to the Representation of Black High School Charter Students in AP STEM Courses.



NERTO Project Title: A Qualitative Study to Investigate Communication of Weather Warnings to Teens

NERTO NOAA Mentor: Patrick Spoden

NERTO Start Date-End Date: Mar 15, 2018 – Aug 7, 2018

NERTO Location: Paducah, KY – WFO