Thomas E. Gill, PhD


Dr. Gill earned a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Resources from the University of California, Davis. A faculty member in the Department of Geological Sciences and the Environmental Science and Engineering Program at UTEP since 2004, he previously worked as a Physical Scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a Research Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University. Dr. Gill is the primary instructor for UTEP’s weather and climate science courses and has extensive experience as a mentor for meteorology and climatology instructors at minority-serving institutions. Dr. Gill has more than 30 years of experience in research on atmospheric aerosols (with a focus on mineral dust) and the interactions between the land surface and the atmosphere (with a focus on desert regions).

Students who are interested in projects related to the physical and chemical characterization of dust aerosols, the relation of dust aerosols to the geology and geography of the land surface, and the relationship of dust aerosols to biogeochemical cycles or human health are encouraged to contact Dr. Gill.

Current Research

  • Mineral Dust
  • Land Surface/Atmosphere Relationships
  • Air Quality