Rosa M. Fitzgerald, PhD


Dr. Rosa Fitzgerald is a Professor in Physics. She obtained the Master of Science degree in Physics from Adelphi University, N.Y., and the Doctoral degree in Physics from the University of California (UC), Riverside.  She has had post-doctoral experiences at the University of California, Irvine,  and at the Center for Environmental Research, CE-CERT. She was also a Faculty Fellow at JPL/NASA and a research affiliate at that laboratory for several years.

She is currently the UTEP Lead Investigator.  She has had funding from NOAA, NASA, NSF, the Texas Higher Education, SCERP, etc. In addition, she is a contributing faculty member to the UTEP ESE PhD Program and to the UTEP Computational Sciences PhD Program. At UTEP she started an Atmospheric Physics research group approximately 15 years ago and a newly created Atmospheric under-graduate Physics concentration, which have opened new career avenues for physics graduates in an expanding and marketable field.

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Research Interest

  • Air Quality
  • Aerosol Research
  • Atmospheric Optics
  • Radiative Transfer
  • Remote Sensing