Kendall Dawkins


Kendall Dawkins has earned a BS in the department of Physics at UMBC as a Cohort-1 NCAS-M Fellow. I am currently a 1st Year Graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University in the department of Nanoengineering. I am interested in the NCAS-M focus area Advancing the Development of High Resolution Models in support of the NCAS-M theme: Innovative observations for advancing the analysis and prediction of weather, climate, and atmospheric chemistry. My recent research experience involves understanding the evolution and characterization of undular bore waves. An atmospheric bore is a type of atmospheric transient wave phenomenon defined by a hydraulic (pressure) jump which does not transport mass and where denser fluid does not build up behind the bore (pressure jump), like a density current. A major impact of bores is that they cause the stable boundary layer to rise and moisture to mix deeper into the troposphere there by making it easier for parcels to reach the condensation level. By using lidars to characterize the evolution of the observed wave by sensing important atmospheric variables: water vapor mixing ration, aerosol backscatter, and wind, we will be able to fully characterize the bore wave and compare results to the hydraulic theory of bores and give insight on the optimal conditions for bore wave development.