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Alrick Green


Alrick Green graduated with a MS in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University as a Cohort-2 NCAS-M Fellow. His area of study constituted WRF modeling of Atlantic tropical cyclones and changes in cloud microphysical properties associated with rapid intensification and eyewall replacement cycle in Hurricane Maria (2017). He was interested in the NCAS-M focus area Improved Quantification of Forecast Uncertainty. His project supported the NCAS-M theme of interdisciplinary scientific research for building resilient communities against weather extremes. Green continued to the University of Maryland Baltimore County to pursue a PhD in Atmospheric Physics as a Cohort 4 Fellow. Alrick later continued as a NCAS-M II Cohort 1 Fellow. His Research Thematic Area is Improved Quantification of Forecast Uncertainty.

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