Highlighting NCAS-M Fellows: Anas Askar

Some people are just driven, and they know exactly what they want to do.

Anas Askar is a NCAS-M Fellow researching sociology. Anas discovered his love for sociology at North Carolina State University . He earned a MA in sociology from East Carolina University. Prior to his graduation, Anas began applying to several different doctoral programs, including NCAS-M.

When he was accepted to the University, he was assigned to Terri Adams-Fuller, PhD as an advisor. Adams-Fuller is the Interim Director, a professor, and advisor at NCAS-M. Our NCAS-M team pushes our students to succeed, but we also encourage our students to rely and push each other to success.

Anas explained “In order to be there for others, I have to learn to time manage better.” When reflecting on his matriculation through this program, time management is a lesson that will forever stick with him. As an NCAS-M Fellow, Anas participates in a research group guided by his advisor with 10 other students. All students work to build, support and strengthen each other and their research. The support they receive from each other helps their personal research.

Anas is currently researching the relation between social science including sociology and communication, weather disasters and environmental uncertainty. He is also researching the perceptions of environmental victimization. This research addressees the issues of coastal residents living in precarious circumstances affected by global warming and how it affects their evacuation process. He and other Fellows will be measuring evacuation and their perception of personal victimization.

Through his research, he has learned from his professors to stay humble, and that “we will be students for the rest of our lives.” Everyone is approaching research differently and shares the common goal of learning knowledge. Be willing to learn more, because the journey continues.

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