Adrian Flores and NCAS-M Research Opportunities

Meet Adrian Flores. He is currently a PhD student in the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences, NCAS-M Fellow, and AEROSE researcher.

At NCAS-M, we prepare future STEM field leaders like Adrian to make an impact in the STEM field. Our NCAS-M team works hard to teach Fellows to take their passion for science and use it to make a difference in the world.

In a recent interview, Adrian said the goal of his research is to “better the quality of air and the quality of life.” He is currently conducting research on the Aerosols and Saharan dust particles. Data collected improves measuring models to have a better prediction of hurricane developments around the Caribbean and how the hurricanes react to these particles. Looking to improve and quantify atmospheric conditions over the Atlantic Ocean when encountered with aerosols. Adrian conducts similar research at the Howard University Beltsville Campus.

As a student in the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences, Adrian receives opportunities to conduct different types of research at the Beltsville Campus. The video below defines the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences.

Adrian researches the pollution level around the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore Area, specifically during the summer season. Research collected, in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Environment, is used to generate air quality alerts for the community. This research requires an air balloon to collect data.

Adrian is responsible for the weekly scheduling, launching, and data collection of the weather balloon launches. These launches are in collaboration with an international program GRUAN. With over 30 sites around the world and four within the United States in the GRUAN collaborative project, the Howard University Beltsville Campus is the only academic institution conducting this type of research.

When asked about his experience in the Atmospheric Sciences Program, Flores stated “the classes and the mentorship I have received from Howard University has been extraordinary. My knowledge in atmospheric sciences has exploded and I have countless opportunities to do this kind of research in other countries and networking with other professors and scientists around the world. This program has helped me professionally. I am able to receive constructive feedback on my work and grow.”

Adrian wants to continue his work in atmospheric science after he graduates in Summer 2020 to improve models and better predict natural catastrophes to save lives.

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Adrian Flores on the AEROSE Research Cruise with a weather balloon.