What’s behind the curtain of the NASA PACE mission?

The NASA PACE Project and Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Project Office are excited to announce the upcoming summer class “What’s behind the curtain of the NASA Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem (PACE) mission?” 

This one-week graduate-level course will provide in-depth insight into the upcoming PACE mission that is scheduled for launch in January 2024. The course will provide instruction on passive satellite remote sensing, with foci on both ocean and atmosphere. This will encompass not just lectures on Earth science, but also potential field trips and details on PACE instruments’ performance and how they relate to derived geophysical products, uncertainties, and ultimately, Earth system models.

The summer opportunity is not only for oceanography but for future leaders in aerosol and cloud science also.

Application deadline is March 11, 2022.