Weather101 is a series of free interactive online classes to help the public learn about meteorology, forecasting and the National Weather Service in general. These classes will expound on SKYWARN spotter classes offered each spring and fall.

Individuals or groups will be able to complete the courses in the comfort of their own home using the extremely user-friendly computer program, Go-To Meeting. 

Class topics include the following:

  • Global Circulations
  • Hurricanes
  • Fire Weather
  • NWS Damage Surveys
  • Severe Thunderstorms
  • The Basics
  • Satellites
  • Flash Flooding: The Forgotten Element of Severe Weather
  • Observations in 3-Dimensions: METARs and Upper Air Patterns
  • The Radar
  • Upper Air Soundings
  • Quasi-Linear Convective Systems (QLCSs): The Squall Line