Two new positions at the NOAA/NWS/NCEP Weather Prediction Center

Student Trainee (Meteorology) (Closes 2/13/2024)

Student Trainee (Meteorology) will perform the following duties:

  • Receive on-the-job and formal training to provide you with experience in the operation of the Weather Prediction Center (WPC).
  • Become familiar with National Weather Service programs, policies, and procedures; and you will have an opportunity to perform progressively more responsible assignments as experience is gained.
  • Receive instructions and gain practical experience in interpreting radar echoes and satellite imagery in terms of associated meteorological conditions. You will have the opportunity to participate in scientific research and develop procedures to transfer research to operations.

Supervisory Meteorologist (Closes 2/14/2024)

This position has a working title of Section Chief. Section Chief will perform the following duties:

  • Provide review and approvals of weather forecast information to ensure quality and timeliness of weather forecasts. Set priorities, prepare schedules, provide recommendations and justification of resources needed to perform weather forecast operations.
  • Assign, review, and provide guidance on work assignments. Evaluate and provide input on employee performance and provide advice and counsel for work and administrative matters.
  • Interview and recommend candidates for placement, promotion, or reassignment. Identify training needs, develop performance standards and hear and resolve complaints from employees.
  • Take part in research groups, committees, teams, and conferences regarding new changes, systems, programs or technologies that can be used to enhance meteorological products or services.