SEFSC Climate, Ecosystems, and Fisheries Initiative Jobs

The Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC) of the National Marine Fisheries Service will soon be recruiting for three permanent, full time positions that are aligned with the Climate, Ecosystems, and Fisheries Initiative (CEFI), and will help support NOAA Fisheries’ mission activities under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These positions will assist our efforts to increase the resiliency of our nation’s marine resources against climate change impacts. More information on NOAA’s IRA jobs can be found here.


Title: Fish Biologist / Research Social Scientist

Open and Close Dates: TBD

Salary: $72,553 – $183,202 per year

Locations: Miami, FL, Panama City, FL, Galveston, TX, Pascagoula, MS, and Beaufort, NC

Pay Scale & Grade:

·        Fish Biologist, ZP-401-3/4

·        Research Social Scientist, ZP-0101-3/4

o   The ZP-3 is equivalent to the GS-11/12.

o   The ZP-4 is equivalent to the GS-13/14.

The three positions are:

  • Fish Biologist: Provides technical expertise and support on the impacts of climate on marine fisheries and ecosystems. This position will be based within the Population & Ecosystems Monitoring Division.
  • Fish Biologist: Model physical and biological processes shaping Southeast regional ecosystems. This position will be based within the Sustainable Fisheries Division.
  • Research Social Scientist: Develops participatory research and social indicators to enhance community resilience in the face of climate impacts on marine fisheries and ecosystems. This position will be based within the SEFSC Social Science Research Group.    

Please consider applying if you are interested in the positions listed above, OR if you are generally interested in ecosystem modeling, ecosystem reporting, fisheries ecology, fisheries economics, integrated ecosystem assessments, ecosystem-based fisheries management, social-ecological systems, interdisciplinary marine science, data science, human geography, environmental anthropology, etc. as other positions may be filled using these job announcements.

While a cover letter is not required, it is highly recommended — it’s a great opportunity to clearly state which position(s) you are interested in and explain why you are a great fit for the position(s). It’s also a great spot to clarify your duty stations (e.g., Seattle and/or Newport). Please make sure you are also really clear with your coursework and make sure it’s abundantly obvious that relevant courses count towards your educational requirements. Copy/paste and link from the Course Catalog if you can find it! Ensure you attach transcripts that show you meet the educational requirement for the position.


To ensure your resume receives consideration, we highly recommend using the USAJOBS resume builder to ensure all required elements are in your resume. 

However, if you prefer to use your own format, please ensure all of the below information is included, if not, you will be disqualified:

  • Job Title (including job series and grade, if federal)
  • Descriptions of duties/work performed (include duties that detail you meet the specialized experience listed in the announcement)
  • Starting and ending dates for each position (month AND year)
  • Hours worked per week and/or full-time or part-time. If identifying as part-time you must state the number of hours per week. (NOTE: A full-time work schedule requires most employees to work 33-40 hours during the work week. A part-time schedule requires an employee to work less than full-time, but for a specific number of hours (usually 16-32 hours per administrative work week) on a prearranged scheduled tour of duty.)

Ensure you attach transcripts that show you meet the educational requirement for the position – Degree: biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines appropriate to the position.

Please Note, this position will only be open for a maximum of 7 days but will close sooner when 250 applications have been received.


If you believe you were erroneously disqualified for a position, you can request reconsideration of your status by emailing

If you experience technical difficulties during the application process, contact the USAJobs Help Desk as soon as possible by filling out their ‘Contact Us’ form –  They will reach out within 24-48 hours to offer assistance.

For additional tips on applying to USAJobs positions, please view this YouTube video from a Fisheries Hiring Manager – 

Why work for NOAA?

In addition to the benefits offered to all Government employees, found here: NOAA has additional benefits not offered by other Government agencies.

  • CAPS Pay Administration – CAPS pay uses pay for performance which allows for annual performance pay increases, bonuses, plus the standard annual general and locality pay increases. Applicants also have the ability to negotiate their initial salary if they can demonstrate how their experience and education will be beneficial in the selected position.
  • Wellness@ Work Program – Employees are authorized up to 40 hours per year for Wellness activities.
  • Telework – highlight how many days of telework are allowed per week.
  • The SEFSC supports a maxi flex work schedule