NOAA Commissioned Officer Opportunity

The NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps is the uniformed component of the NOAA, and 1 of 8 current Uniformed Services of the US.

A typical officer’s career is spent in a broad variety of assignments that alternate between operational/deployable duty and land/shore duty. Assignments are not necessarily related to an officer’s academic field, but each will contribute to the officer’s development as a technically competent leader.

NOAA Corps officers operate research and hydrographic ships, fly research aircraft, lead mobile field parties, conduct diving operations, manage research projects, and serve in staff positions throughout NOAA. If you are interested in a career that includes service, science, and adventure, you will find a unique opportunity in the NOAA Corps. Selected applicants attend training as Officer Candidates at the Coast Guard Academy, and are commissioned as Ensigns (O-1) at the completion of the training program.

There are two application cycles and training classes per year. One cycle runs December to April, and the other runs July to November.