NOAA/ARL Scientist-in-Residence

During ARL’s 75th anniversary sessions at AMS, Director Ariel Stein announced the ARL Scientist-in-Residence opportunity.

In recognition of the 75th anniversary, the ARL is establishing a Scientist-in-Residence opportunity to advance scientific understanding of the complex processes occurring in the atmospheric boundary layer on local, regional, and global scales and fostering strong research collaborations with Minority-Serving Institutions that are engaged in NOAA-mission sciences. This opportunity connects faculty with the NOAA science community and supports professional development.

Who: Early and mid-career faculty from NOAA Cooperative Science Centers who are actively engaged in observational and/or modeling research efforts that explore topics related to surface-atmosphere exchange, atmospheric transport and dispersion, and boundary layer characterization. Faculty should be within 15 years of earning their highest degree and be US citizens.

What: Two-month residency collaborating with ARL scientists to advance atmospheric boundary layer research through studies of the physical and chemical processes that occur in the boundary layer, on time scales spanning a few hours to several years. Projects should also be aligned with one or more of the corporate societal challenges identified by NOAA Research.