GOMECC-4 Research Cruise

The Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS) at the University of Miami is seeking applicants to participate in a hydrographic long-line research cruise (6 weeks) this Fall, September – October 2021. The cruise will go to the Gulf of Mexico on the NOAA SHIP Ronald H. Brown (GOMECC-4) as part of the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program. The cruise will depart/arrive from Miami, FL, and last 40 days, with no anticipated port of call for the duration of the cruise.

Graduate students are sought for CTD watch stander duties. Travel related expenses and compensation will be covered by the University of Miami. The selected candidates will receive all necessary training to properly operate the instruments and equipment. The candidates will be out at sea for 40 days plus may need to quarantine for a number of days before boarding (as per NOAA’s COVID-19 protocols), so it is important for any prospective applicant to discuss this with their advisor prior to committing to coming on our cruise. This is an excellent opportunity for a student to interact with scientists from multiple institutions, both academic and federal, working on a wide range of ocean-related disciplines.

Deadline for applications is June 25, 2021.