Earth Science Week Featured Weather Balloon Launch at UTEP! Hundreds Participated and Learned about Atmospheric Sciences!

UTEP Weather Balloon Launch 2016


NCAS doctoral candidate Jose Rivas, participated in the annual Earth Science Week at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP).  The activity included launching a weather-balloon for atmospheric observations.  Jose Rivas, and his advisor Dr. Thomas Gill, volunteered during the event, Earth Science Week Celebration sponsored by the Department of Geological at UTEP.  The launch drew hundreds of students interested in the science activity.   The Celebration encourages the next generation of earth scientists, and the community as well.

Jose Rivas, NCAS supported PhD candidate at UTEP (in orange shirt, far left) launches a weather balloon at Centennial Plaza on the UTEP Campus as part of the annual Earth Science Day public outreach event, October 15, 2016.  Mr. Rivas’ advisor is Dr. Tom Gill (in orange shirt, far right)


Photo credit for this image: Dr. Lin Ma, UTEP