NCAS-M II visit to UTEP

On April 5, 2024, Drs. Sen Chiao, Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, and Ricardo Sakai visited University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP). 

Dr. Rosa Fitgerald hosted the visit from UTEP.  Drs. Chiao, Butty, and Sakai gave an overview of the current NCAS-M II goals, protocols, and activities. NCAS-M fellows and leveraged graduate students at UTEP made oral presentations of their current research work.  

Group photo from NCAS-M visit to UTEP.
Left to Right: Fatima Zohora, Joscelyne Guzman Gonzalez, Ricardo Sakai, Cletus Ogbodo, Rosa Fitzgerald, Sen Chiao, Mia Trevino, Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, Yaa Adu-Gyamfy, Suzan Aranda Cordova, and Jose Manuel Avila