2019 AMS Washington Forum

On Friday, March 29, the following eight students represented NCAS-M at the 2019 AMS Washington Forum: Julio Ceniceros (UTEP), Miguel Cortez (UTEP), Emmanuel Dibia (UMD), Ena Keys (JSU), Wambugu Kironji (UMBC), Catherine Liu (SJSU), MiaNwi Obioha (JSU), and Shadya Sanders (HU). Shadya, Catherine, Emmanuel, Julio, and Miguel gave a brief presentation about their NERTO internship and experience as NCAS-M Fellows.

The students were rapporteurs for forum sessions. Julio Ceniceros, 2nd Year Fellow from UTEP, said that his ‘ah-ha’ moment was how many presented emphasized the need for enhanced understanding and consideration for ocean-atmosphere connections. Julio’s research involves Arctic Ocean and atmosphere interactions. UMBC student and 2nd year fellow, Wambugu Kironji had an ‘ah-ha’ moment of his own when he was able to see first-hand how science was being implemented by the government and put into laws. NCAS-M Education Expert, Dr. Jo-Anne Manswell Butty was on hand to ensure they were fully prepared for the forum.

The annual AMS Washington Forum brings together members of the weather, water, and climate community to meet with senior federal agency and administration officials, congressional staff, international science experts, and other community members to hear about the status of current programs, learn about new initiatives, discuss policy issues of interest to our community, and speak out about data requirements and other needs.

Doctoral Candidate, Shadya Sanders shares her NERTO experience
Recent UTEP graduate, Miguel Cortez, shares his NCAS-M and NERTO experiences
While Emmanuel Dibia share his NCAS-M experience, his colleagues supported him.
The NCAS-M Fellows were well prepared for the forum
NCAS-M Education Expert, Dr. Butty, briefs students on the day’s events
From L-R: Shadya Sanders (HU), Ena Keys (JSU), Catherine Lui (SJSU), Miguel Cortez (UTEP), Julio Ceniceros (UTEP), Dr. Jo-Anne Manswell Butty (NCASM Education Specialist, MiaNwi Obioha (JSU), and Emmanuel Dibia (UMD)