Dr. Leticia Williams – Winner of the EEO/Diversity and the Special Achievement Award

NCAS-M Proudly Announces:

NCAS-M Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Leticia Williams is the proud recipient of the NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science  EEO/Diversity and the Special Achievement Award

Specifically, Vankita Brown (NWS), Leticia Williams (NCAS-M/NWS), Mark Mohs (BMD), and Eric Daniels (BMD) won for their outstanding support of the NPC’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) Focus Group sessions that addressed NCCOS’ responses to the 2018 FEVS related to workplace morale, professional development, physical workspace, and workload.  They successfully led four virtual and/or in-person focus groups, with a total of 43 non-supervisory participants from across NCCOS. Mark and Eric’s efforts resulted in prompt and efficient transcriptions of the recorded focus group discussions and saved NCCOS from utilizing costly and/or labor-intensive transcriptions services. The successful focus group discussions provided valuable insights that will allow NCCOS leadership to improve and enhance the workplace environment.