NCAS-M Fellow Successfully Defends Thesis

Briah Davis, NCAS-M Cohort 3 fellow, successfully presented and defended her MS thesis on April 30, 2021: Total Lightning Warm Season Variability in the Caribbean and Florida as seen from Ground- and Space-Based Lightning Detectors This study statistically compared two total lightning detectors, one ground-based and the other space-based, to compare sensitivities. Such evaluation is important […]

Highlighting NCAS-M Fellows: Anas Askar

Some people are just driven, and they know exactly what they want to do. Anas Askar is a NCAS-M Fellow researching sociology. Anas discovered his love for sociology at North Carolina State University . He earned a MA in sociology from East Carolina University. Prior to his graduation, Anas began applying to several different doctoral […]

Highlighting the NCAS-M Team: Charles Ichoku, PhD

Meet Charles Ichoku, Ph.D. He is a professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at Howard University and stands as a distinguished scientist at NCAS-M. Before he joined NCAS-M, Charles conducted substantial research around the world. He received Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science Remote Sensing and Surveying degrees from the University of Nigeria and a PhD […]

Adrian Flores and NCAS-M Research Opportunities

Meet Adrian Flores. He is currently a PhD student in the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Sciences, NCAS-M Fellow, and AEROSE researcher. At NCAS-M, we prepare future STEM field leaders like Adrian to make an impact in the STEM field. Our NCAS-M team works hard to teach Fellows to take their passion for science and […]

Highlighting the NCAS-M Team: Jo-Anne Manswell Butty

Meet Jo-Anne Manswell Butty, PhD. Jo-Anne is the Education Expert at NCAS-M. She is also a three time Howard University Alumna. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology. She is another member of the NCAS-M team that works hard to ensure every student’s professional development and success. Jo-Anne has worked in education for many years. […]

Who We Are…

NCAS-M is more than an acronym. We are a dynamic center proud of the excellent work we do to support NOAA’s missions, especially those connected to NOAA’s National Weather Service. Whether you are just learning about us or you are a critical member of our team, we encourage you to get to know who we […]