Chris Thorncroft, PhD


Dr. Thorncroft is a lead investigator in NCAS-M II. Having received his PhD in Meteorology from the University of Reading in 1988, Dr. Thorncroft now currently serves as the Director of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) while also being a professor of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences in the University at Albany. Dr. Thorncroft is also the chair of Albany’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences and has strengthened the relationship between the Department and ASRC. In 2020, Dr. Thorncroft contributed to the NYS Mesonet project, which is now the most advanced weather observation system of its kind. Overall, Dr. Thorncroft has contributed a lot of time to building the University at Albany’s reputation in weather and climate science, which has allowed more project funding, which would turn out to be successful. 

Research Interest

  •  Studying the West African Monsoon and the Atlantic tropical cyclone