NOAA Federal Positions in Boulder, CO

Duties for Physical Scientist Position #1 (
Generates original research ideas to refine interpretation and/or processing of model-generated extreme precipitation data and statistics toward broader use and more generalizable and implementation methods. Conceives, plans, and directs research to define the complex impacts of climate change on extreme precipitation, developing new approaches and prototype methods. Independently analyzes complex observational, reanalysis and model-generated data sets to advance understanding of extreme events such as extreme rainfall, snowfall, and floods.

Duties for Physical Scientist Position #2 (
Leads and oversees research studies and developmental projects designed to enhance observation-based understanding of hydrometeorological processes, events, and patterns, in support of NOAA Water Goals. Supports hydrologic model simulations and model experiments – both physically based and/or with machine learning techniques – with the goal of improving hydrological (e.g. stream flow, snow, soil moisture) forecasts in select watersheds. Assist in conducting hydrologic model-based sensitivity studies and/or modify existing hydrologic models to test scientific hypotheses or evaluate potential model improvements. Conducts theoretical and experimental research to understand the fundamental physical, chemical, and/or biological processes of the Earth System in its past, present, and future states. Independently analyzes complex observational, reanalysis and model-generated data sets to further understanding of regional hydrology, extreme events such as floods and drought, and evolving climate conditions. Inform, advise, and coordinate hydrologic observational science for team- and lab-based applications.

Duties for Physical Scientist Position #3
Leads and conducts research on the dynamics and predictability of the coastal ocean using a combination of observations, empirical and numerical models. Research is aimed at process understanding of coastal sea level variations on sub-seasonal to annual time scales and the development of prediction systems of conditions along the North American coastline for the same time scales. Disseminate research findings in the peer-reviewed literature and at scientific symposia