NCAR Advanced Study Program Opportunities

The Advanced Study Program is accepting applications from students and National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientific staff for the Graduate Visitor Program (GVP) and the newly launched GVP Bridge Program.

Graduate Visitor Program

The Advanced Study Program’s Graduate Visitor Program provides opportunities to the NCAR staff to bring graduate students to NCAR for visits ranging from two months to a full year.  These visits have the goal of enhancing NCAR partnerships with other public and private institutions while enriching the research of the participating students. The application deadline is November 10, 2021.  

GVP Bridge

Newly launched this year is the GVP Bridge, which provides a one-month internship at NCAR for graduate students who may be early in their career or who don’t have a fully defined collaborative project for a regular GVP visit.  The internship will give the student an opportunity to explore potential collaborations at NCAR with the goal of a longer visit in the future.  Unlike the regular GVP process, this program does not require an application from an NCAR sponsor.  
Please pass along this opportunity to your university partners, and refer students to the GVP Bridge if they aren’t quite ready for a regular GVP experience.  The deadline for applications for the GVP Bridge is November 30, 2021.  

If you have any questions, please send them to