CPAESS Senior Research Scientist

UCAR is excited to announce the job opening for the CPAESS Senior Research Scientist. This position is embedded with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service (NWS), National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), and the Office of the Director (OD).

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides social science analysis, direction, and leadership in addressing the objectives and associated goals contained in the 2022 NCEP Strategic Implementation Plan, as well as their coordination with any associated SBES roadmap developed by the NWS social science program.  Responsible for the development and program and policy analyses to identify and understand the needs and preferences of operational NWS National Centers and the constituency they serve.  
  • Has oversight and responsibility for the successful SBES implementations that depend critically on the direction and coordination of efforts of this position.  Is responsible for the achievement of the goal to greatly enhance the value of NCEP’s science-based environmental prediction products for all stakeholders, including other federal and state government agencies, businesses, academia, and individual citizens.  Serves as a model for other SBES applications in the broader environmental science community and engages in a multidisciplinary framework inherent to SBES in order to successfully improve the mission delivery capability of nine distinct National Centers.
  • Serves as the NCEP SBES subject matter expert and stimulates the development and improvement of SBES efforts across NCEP. Serves as the leader and formulator of NCEP’s enterprise SBES and is a recognized practitioner and leader nationally and internationally. Develops proposals consistent with both NCEP and NWS SBES priorities to improve NCEP’s mission service capabilities across all Centers through the robust application of innovative social science research. Plans projects which include identification of requirements for human and financial resources. Evaluates progress and results of projects and formulate changes to achieve objectives.
  • Authors scientific reports and refereed publications and gives presentations at scientific meetings.
  • While this position will be aligned with NCEP OD, collaboration with the NWS SBES Program Manager is paramount to ensure connection and alignment to the overall strategic priorities of the NWS SBES Program. 
  • High-level problem-solving and strong leadership skills are required. Routinely investigates and solves unique, highly complex problems using sound judgment, considerable creativity, and expert scientific and technical knowledge. Evaluates complex situations and problems and make decisions on how best to proceed. In consultation with colleagues, develop innovative and ingenious solutions to very complex technical and organizational challenges. The incumbent will work with minimal supervisory oversight and will periodically report to the NOAA Directors.
  • Will exercise considerable independence to identify and develop innovative approaches and solutions in this multifaceted environment.
  • Research and development efforts are led with considerable independence and over a long time frame.

Application Deadline: The position will be posted until filled with priority given to applications submitted by November 11.