2022 EPP/MSI Graduate Fellowship Program

The Educational Partnership Program (EPP) with Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Graduate Fellowship Program is a pilot program designed to serve as a future workforce pipeline to NOAA for qualified students currently supported at EPP/MSI Cooperative Science Centers and pursuing a graduate degree in a NOAA mission field.

During the appointment, fellows are required to engage in a 12-month collaborative research project aligned with NOAA’s mission at a NOAA facility under the guidance of a NOAA mentor and their academic institution advisor. In addition to their disciplinary specialty, fellows must incorporate human dimensions into their research, which may include social science, behavioral science, communications, and economics. Through these projects, EPP/MSI fellows will conduct research in STEM disciplines, building upon the capacity developed at the Cooperative Science Centers. Their participation will also further strengthen the partnerships between NOAA and minority serving institutions that have been supported by EPP/MSI since 2001.

Application period closes on May 20, 2022.