Kimbery Smith, M.S.

Ms. Kimberly L. Smith serves as the Assistant Director for NCAS-M.   Ms. Smith has served as the Program Manager for NCAS since 2008. She has previously served as a Program Manager of a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored GK-12 program and the lab manager at the National Institute of Digestive and Kidney Diseases/National Institute of Health (NIDDK/NIH). Ms. Smith holds degrees in Microbiology and Biology (B.S. and M.S., respectively).  She works directly with the Director to assure effective and timely accomplishments for the award objectives, reporting, products and outcomes generation. As needed, Ms. Smith will act on behalf of the Center Director and allocate 100% of her time to CSC activities. Specifically, she will be responsible for the daily operations of the ASM office and as such have responsibility for management and budgetary functions. Ms. Smith will be responsible for programmatic functions involving the students, student tracking and scheduling, generating monthly activity reports, ensuring the generation of the annual reports, student databases, and ensuring that internal (on-campus) reports are delivered to NOAA in timely fashion. Further responsibilities of the Ms. Smith are to provide follow-up reports for major meetings and programmatic interactions and maintaining priorities of ASM in event planning and scheduling.